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Pre-Marital & Marital Coaching

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Tongela and Husband Kenneth Smith is the author of this amazing book "Creating A Love That Lasts". (Amazon's Best-Seller!)

Finding one’s true love has been the dominant fantasy of people throughout history. It is the essence of myths, movies, fairy tales, poetry, and love songs. Shrouded in this universal longing is the idea that there is one unique person who is “perfect for me” and in discovering that person, “I will live happily ever after.” The person we desire as a life-long companion typically has a specific personality type. When we find that matching personality, we fall “hopelessly in love” and live in the illusion of happiness for a season.

Once the illusion of love fades, it becomes crystal clear that finding love is not a problem for many, but keeping love and maintaining the connection is a prominent issue. The truth is, most couples are unaware that at this point, the relationship moves into a five-phase cycle that will forever characterize their attachment. Being ignorant and lacking the skills to recognize and manage the phases causes a power struggle to ensue, one in which many couples never recover.

Creating A Love That Lasts presents a model of the five phases that is easy to grasp, and gives a deeper understanding of a relationship’s inevitable conflicts and develops the skills needed to navigate the natural fluctuations of relationship seasons.

This book is for those on the brink of marital disaster; husbands and wives in a second marriage; people wanting to strengthen their happily married journey; lonely wives; browbeaten husbands; spouses in affairs; victims of relationships; engaged couples; divorcees in need of healing; and pastors or counselors looking for material that can save marriages.

Creating A Love That Lasts provides a road map to the mysterious, challenging, and wondrous journey of wholehearted love in a way that familiarizes you with the relationship life cycle. If you desire peace, miss having an intimate connection to your spouse, and long to feel understood, then Creating A Love That Lasts will provide the understanding you need to help normalize marital fluctuations and make better decisions during moments of intense fellowship. As you read this work, you’ll find a framework and practical techniques for flowing through the five stages while remaining in sync with your spouse and developing greater intimacy.

We hope this book will offer you a deeper understanding of a relationship’s inevitable conflicts, a reflective space in which to examine your own choices, and a guide to strengthen your connection with your mate. Finally, we hope that this book will serve as a reminder that intimate relationships are, most of all, an “inside job,” and that no matter where you start, the destination is Creating A Love That Lasts.

The average couple today will spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars preparing for their wedding day, I get it, it’s an important lovely day, It’s a party for family and friends, and in some cases, an opportunity for the bride’s childhood dreams to come true.

Did you know over 50% of these well-spent couples will end up divorced?

There doesn’t appear to be any correlation between the lavishness of the wedding and the health and longevity of the marriage.

While you’re doing everything you can to prepare for your wedding day, you might want to consider the 50 years that you’ll, hopefully, be spending together after the honeymoon. Consider adding some Marriage Preparations to your Wedding Planning.

Relationships can bring us the deepest pain or our greatest joy. Allow us to help you learn effective ways in relationship skills that will produce for you as you enter into a longterm commitment of marriage through our pre-marital enrichment coaching.

We would hope that Marriage enrichment is something every couple should experience and it's closer and more attainable than you can imagine. Through our sessions, our couples will discovered communication and conflict resolution skills by understanding each role, how to love and ways to keep the fire flaming.

Invest in your Relationship TODAY!

Whether you are newlyweds or have been married for decades, marriage experts believe that intentionally spending time on your marriage is one of the best ways to keep it strong. The Love That Last Marriage and Relationship Enrichment is designed to help couples renew their commitment, work through present issues, re-establish common ground, learn new skills and increase their connection and truly build a Love that will last forever.

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