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Podium and Round Rim

Author's Ken and Tongela Smith

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Image by Toa Heftiba


Author’s Ken and Tongela Smith


Creating a Love That Lasts presents a model of the five phases that is easy to grasp, and gives a deeper understanding of a relationship’s inevitable conflicts and develops the skills needed to navigate the natural fluctuations of relationship seasons.

This book is for those on the brink of marital disaster; husbands and wives in a second marriage; people wanting to strengthen their happily married journey; lonely wives; browbeaten husbands; spouses in affairs; victims of relationships; engaged couples; divorcees in need of healing; and pastors or counselors looking for material that can save marriages.

Creating a Love That Lasts provides a road map to the mysterious, challenging, and wondrous journey of wholehearted love in a way that familiarizes you with the relationship life cycle.

Tongie The Author, The Psamist, The Preacher, and Teacher!

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