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Meet Tongie

Certified Life Coach, Mediator, License Minister, Motivational Speaker

You Have Earth Shaking Potential

Make Your Mark!

Whether you realize it or not, you have earth-shaking potential; you are a person of tremendous influence! You are affecting the people around you even in the most subtle ways. You are setting standards and promoting change everywhere you go. Just like a stone tossed into the water creates an automatic ripple, your life ripples out and has increasing influence on those around you.


Tongie has a beautiful way to encourage, inspire and to assist with launching you into your unique design. We hope to accomplish this by giving you the tools you need to empower and to mobilize you in your gift!

Tongie, is a catalytic communicator with an infectious passion and love for empowering people to courageously pursue their call. 

She's a License Ordained Pastor, a dynamic leader who engages people with her authenticity and passion for God, she inspires others to connect, grow, and lead. A woman who’s Impactful herself, her messages of hope and purpose awaken the potential inside of her audience and are rallying a generation to take action. 






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