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Meet Tongie

You Have Earth Shaking Potential

Make Your Mark!


Pastor Tongela Smith is passionately known as Pastor T, she's a catalytic communicator with an infectious passion and love for empowering people to courageously pursue their call. She is one of the most impactful, relatable and compassionate voices of our era.  She is a speaker, recording artist, author and visionary transforming lives of women across the globe. 

Tongela is a License Ordained Pastor, a dynamic leader who engages people with her authenticity and passion for God, she inspires others to connect, grow, and lead. A woman who’s Impactful herself, her messages of hope and purpose awaken the potential inside of her audience and are rallying a generation to take action. 

By this, Pastor Tongela is the founder of Woman2Woman Community Network Inc. LLC, an origination dedicated to the development of effective women leaders whether working in a corporate office, entrepreneurship or a homemaker. 

Her goal is to support and empower women and create trailblazers in their respective fields.

Her organization also has the "Next Generation" young leadership program designed to help develop and build self-esteem and confidence in young women who are ready to influence their communities.




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